The Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) is a unique,  organization whose goals are to have fun with garden railroading and the sharing of information. We have no formal organization, constitution or by-laws. We are simply an informal gathering of people interested in gardening and railroading. Our only rule is the 10-foot rule, which loosely translates to "If it looks good from 10 feet away, then it is good enough". 

Membership in the Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) is open to anyone. While the name of our organization refers to garden railroading, ownership of a garden railroad is not necessary. Many of our members have a G-scale railroad in their garden or yard, others may have one in their basement or other room of their home, and yet others may choose to not have one at all. That is not important. What is important is that all of our members share a common interest in the hobby.

Benefits of Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) membership include an informative monthly newsletter (sample newsletter), monthly meetings at host railroads, the multi-club tour, and the fall foliage trip. Meetings may include presentations or clinics on various aspects of modeling, gardening, railroading, electronics, or controls. Guests are always welcome. For more information go to the membership page or contact the Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) membership at

Columbus Garden Railway Society

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Who's who in CGRS

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Bill Logan
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CGRS Event Schedule

 Month/date  Day/Time  What/where
 Jan. 16  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Easterdays
 Jan. 17 - Jan 19    Great Train Expo—State Fairgrounds
 Jan. 26  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting :Jersey Township Hall (building an inexpensive sound system)
 Feb. 13  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Easterdays
 Feb. 22  Sat. 6:00  Annual Banquet : Worthington Hills County Club 
 March 20  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Easterdays
 March 30  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Madison Township Community Center (building a Shanty Kit)
 April 17  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Easterdays
 April 27  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Dawn and Danny Wells
 May 1- 3  Fri & Sat  Ross Co Fair Grounds : Chuck Marsh
 May 15  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Walls
 May 25  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Jim and Barb Kimmel (trussel bent design)
 June 7  Sat 8:00 - 6:00  Park of Roses : Bob Collins
 June 19  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Hills
 June 22  Sun 1:00  Steam-up : Rosenblum
 June 29  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Robert and Kathy Duggan (trussel bent construction)
 July 17  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Collins
 July 19  Sat  4 Club Tour - Cleveland
 July 20  Sun 1:00  Steam-up : Rosenblum
 July 27  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting - Jerry and Gail Klink (Buckeye Lake)
 Aug. 21  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Klinks
 Aug. 24  Sun 1:00  Steam-up : Rosenblum
 Aug. 31  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Bob and Harriet Dana (swap met)
 Sept. 7  Sun 1 - 5  Open Garden Tour
 Sept. 18  Thus 7:30  News table Meeting : Easterdays
 Sept. 28  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting :  Marshall and Marjorie Winkle (cook out)
 Oct 6 -  Oct 12    CGRS Fall Tour
 Oct 16  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Logan
 Oct 26  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting : Briane aand Connie Spangler (preparing for winter)
 Nov 20 - Nov 23    CGRS at COSI
 Nov 20  Thus 7:30  News Table Meeting : Hills
 Nov 30  Sun 2:00  CGRS Monthly Meeting - G Scale Junction
 Dec 18  Thus 7:30  News Table Neeting
 Dec 28 Sun 6:30  Holiday Party : Klinks

Guests are always WELCOME

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